20-hrs. pre-paid package*

20-hrs. pre-paid package*

The 20hrs Subscription gives the opportunity to enjoy treatments and massages depending on your desires all year round in an exceptional place to really escape from the rest of the world!

  • abonnement
  • full-expérience
    Full experience


The 20hrs Subscription is only available in the Cinq Mondes Spa Nantes and Brussels, you will be able to prolong your wellbeing experience and relaxation of body and mind all year long in an exceptional place.

Your subscription valid for one year following the date of purchase, is 20 hours of treatment or massages that you can select freely in our Treatments Menu (the subscription will be counted in 30 min sessions, 1hr or 1hr30 to match the 20 min, 50 min or 80 min treatments).

For more information, please contact your Spa.