Guaiac Wood

Guaiac Wood
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    • tropical nuts melting body balm

      tropical nuts melting body balm

      <span class="bold">Tropical nuts melting body balm</span> is a nourishing and regenerating balm adapted from a recipe traditionally used in the Kingdom of Siam to restore softness and radiance to the skin. This formula made from <span class="bold">Tamanu, Coconut and Kemiri</span> oil has a very unique texture, starting off solid and then melting into the skin on contact. <br><br>Skin is immediately deeply nourished and regains its silky and radiant appearance.

    • Eau du Siam

      Eau du Siam

      In the pantheon of Sanatana Dharma (hinduism), the Apsaras, "nymphs walking on water", are celestial deities symbolising the pleasures of the senses and mind. Inspired from the sacred essences of the Kingdom of Siam, Eau du Siam invites you on a unique Sensorial Journey.</p> <p>Let yourself be carried away by this spellbinding fragrance!</p>

    • Papaya Purée

      Papaya Purée

      Purée de Papaye® is adapted from a beauty recipe which has traditionally been used in the Kingdom of Siam since the 16th century to restore radiance and softness to the skin. Thanks to the natural extracts of Papaya rich in Papain, Coconut powder, Diatomaceous Earth and Kemiri oil, the Purée de Papaye® shower scrub gently cleanses and purifies the skin. <br><br>Purée de Papaye® exfoliates, refines and brightens the complexion. Ideal for sensitive skin.