Taoist Cure

Inspired by the ancient Chinese art of massage, this program comprised of more than 5 hours of face and full-body treatments provides balance and longevity. Available only at the Cinq Mondes Paris Samaritaine Spa.

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It is an exclusive cure inspired by an ancestral Chinese medicine technique, which focuses on balancing out the body's two complementary and opposite forces, Yin and Yang. It is especially suitable for those who live in a demanding urban environment or who travel a lot and have very little time to fully replenish themselves.

The cure, a real holistic “urban retreat”, is an exclusive experience comprising 5 hours of treatments spread over three days of your choosing.

> Leg and Feet Reflexology Massage & Tui Na Taoist Massage: This treatment combination comprises a leg and foot massage, inspired by the traditions of Siam, to bring balance and vitality using reflexology techniques on the vital points of the foot's arch, and a Taoist massage known to relieve tension in the back, stomach, and face. It helps improve mental concentration and eliminates the fatigue associated with this.

> Back’s Delight Massage & Taoist Facial : During this step, the Spa-therapist will work on your back using slow and deep rhythmic motions done with a heated universal oil to relax tense areas. They will also stimulate the eye area, and the face overall, according to Taoist art using a deep massage that activates cell renewal and sculpts the contours of the face, while illuminating and smoothing the eye area.

> Body Scrub and deep Taoist Massage : Before you receive the full-body Taoist Massage, the Spa-therapist will scrub your body using both circular movements and gentle stretching techniques. This will leave your skin looking unified and luminous with a velvety and rejuvenated appearance. The deep Taoist Massage done with a delicately heated oil combines fluid and varied gestures that stimulate and strengthen the mind and body via intense stimulation of acupressure points and meridians inspired by Tui Na.

A truly legendary cure that will revitalize the most tired and overworked of minds.


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Cinq Mondes’ philosophy is based on the conviction that the skin is our vital sensory organ.

Combining technical expertise, result and absolute relaxation, Cinq Mondes’ treatment protocols use an exclusive manual technique of needle-free acupuncture: Dermapuncture®.

Developed in partnership with international scientists, specialists of time-honored practices such as Ayurveda and Shiatsu, Dermapuncture® stimulates and balances the body’s energy flows thanks to the expert hands of the brand’s practitioners..

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