Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoï (20min*)

Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoï (20min*)

Inspired by the Islands of Polynesia and perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skin, this traditional preparation of Monoi with Tiaré macerated flowers, sugar and coconut powder regenerates the skin and awakens the mind.
*only sold in addition to another treatment.

  • durée
    20 minutes
  • bain
    Bath care
  • gommage


This Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoi is inspired by the pharmacopeia of healers from the Polynesia archipelago.

This treatment combines smoothing using fists, knuckles and undulatory movements (resembling ocean waves) with complex virtues of Tahiti Monoi and Noni to unify and refine skin texture leaving it polished and magnifying the suntan.

This treatment is only sold as a supplement to another treatment.