Celestial Day

Celestial Day

Travel to North Africa and China, through India and Japan, with the Celestial Day package to restore equilibrium, energy and beautiful skin.

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The Celestial Day will take you to North Africa, to China, and India and Japan, you will travel through the traditions from around the world. The harmonious blend of these traditional treatments with different origins helps to recover balance and energy, favourable to relaxation.

> It starts with the Japanese Bath of Aromas and Flowersor Hammam Aromas and Colours: The Japanese Bath ceremony combines the benefits of the essential oils, colours and flower petals for total relaxation. The Hammam also combines the benefits of chromotherapy and essential oils to purify and replenish.

> It continues with the Aromatic Scrub with Spices: Originating from a traditional scrub from the Island of Java, Boreh comprises circular movements enabling the skin to renew itself and recover all its energy. The Aromatic Scrub with Spices leaves skin extremely soft and toned, thanks to the beneficial properties of almond powder, nutmeg and vanilla oil.

>Then it’s time for the Ayurvedic Massage (50 min): The Ayurvedic Massage is a millenia old Indian massage performed with hot oil. Gestures are tonic to relieve the tension areas and reboost energy. This treatment restores energy and vitality.

> It continues with the Treatment-Massage of the Face Youthfulness and Radiance (50 min): This full treatment inspired by a Chinese Ritual insists on the acupressure points and favors the relaxation of the facial features to restore youth and radiance.

> It ends with the Energetic Foot Massage: Foot Reflexology restores the main balances of the body with a massage of the acupressure points of the foot soles.

The benefits of the Celestial Day are multiple and are physical, aesthetic and spiritual all at once - your body will restore its balance and energy and your skin appears more beautiful.


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Cinq Mondes’ philosophy is based on the conviction that the skin is our vital sensory organ.

Combining technical expertise, result and absolute relaxation, Cinq Mondes’ treatment protocols use an exclusive manual technique of needle-free acupuncture: Dermapuncture®.

Developed in partnership with international scientists, specialists of time-honored practices such as Ayurveda and Shiatsu, Dermapuncture® stimulates and balances the body’s energy flows thanks to the expert hands of the brand’s practitioners..

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