Grand Sound Immersion Ritual

Indulge in a unique, interactive experience where the Spa Therapist conducts a personalized musical score for each massage. Discover this unique Ritual, which awakens the senses for perfect harmony of body and mind. Available only at the Cinq Mondes Spa in Paris upon reservation by telephone.

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The Grand Sound Immersion Ritual is a new innovative form of treatment offered by Cinq Mondes Spas, providing a unique experience where music plays vital role.

Your treatment is set to the pace of a unique soundtrack, created specifically to adapt to the spa therapist’s movements during the massage. The different sounds flex to movements, underline lulls, hollow out time, and are more lively or subdued depending on the therapist’s gestures.

The music synchronizes with the hand movements of the spa therapist, who acts as a conductor for the massage. This co-creation between the massage giver and the massage receiver forms an extraordinary — even sacred — relationship.

Musical or mineral notes, receding waves or a galloping horse: vibrations seep into the body and add to the profound experience of this “3D” treatment, which goes far beyond just the fingers.

The perfect pairing of the music and the spa therapist’s movements will allow you to fully let go and immediately escape.

The Musically Enhanced Immersive Massage is formed of two distinct rituals (both rituals starts with an Aromas and Colors Japanese Bath):
- The slow and relaxing Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Grand Sound Immersion Ritual
- The vigorous and regenerative Traditional North African Grand Sound Immersion Ritual

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