Cinq Mondes Laboratories have developed Géto Suprême The Cream, an exceptional cream that contains all the exceptional properties of Géto, the secret of youth of centenarians on the Island of Okinawa.

The Okinawans have held the secret of longevity for preserving the skin’s youth capital and favoring cell regeneration for centuries. Thanks to their beauty secrets and their lifestyle choices, Okinawa is home to the highest number of centenarians and is one of the “blue zones” of the world.

Their secrets? The use of Géto on a daily basis and a healthy lifestyle. As part of their beauty routine, the women of the island traditionally apply a Géto infusion on their face as a toning mist to fight wrinkles and brighten the complexion.

This miraculous plant also has many benefits as a food - whether infused in a cup of tea or cooked in more traditional dishes - allowing strength, vigor and longevity.

In addition, the Okinawans have a very healthy lifestyle based on helping in the community and sociability. But also finding your purpose in life, known as “Ikigaï”, represents a real mission that everyone sets out on throughout their lives.


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