In order to find a suitable solution for each skin type, Cinq Mondes has developed skin Dietetics, a revolutionary approach allowing cellular metabolism to be stimulated and rebalanced using 5 Precious Elixirs, a real source of concentrated nutrients. These 100% plant-derived face oils combine effectiveness, naturality and sensoriality using a meticulous selection and an optimisation of exceptional natural ingredients.

Papaya, a complexion booster rich in vitamin C A radiance booster treatment, Precious Elixir Radiance provides all the luminosity the skin needs to revive its original glow.

Blackcurrent, restores the skin’s resistance and elasticity Inspired by Chinese pharmacopeia, the Regenerating Precious Elixir helps the skin regain its suppleness, youth and tonicity.

Camelia, with hydrating and revitalising powers Ideal for sensitive skin, the Soothing Precious Elixir repairs and soothes the skin while leaving a feeling of intense comfort. These oily serums, rich in Omegas 3 and 6, helps personalise your treatments depending on your skin’s needs throughout the year.


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