Less sleep = Night skincare to the rescue!

Tonight we’ll all be losing an hour of sleep - why not optimize your skincare routine to make sure you still rise and shine in the morning?

For a fresh, rested complexion when you wake up, there’s nothing better than using a night cream that’s richer and more concentrated than your day cream, with a formula that activates during the night. That’s exactly what our Precious Night Cream is designed to do, giving you a radiant complexion from the moment you wake up. It’s important to take care of your eye contours too. Our Eye Contour Ointment can be applied both day and night, helping to activate circulation to prevent crow’s feet and bags.

Our top tip for nodding off earlier and drifting into a healthy, reparative sleep: Add a few spritzes of our Eau Égyptienne®, enriched with 11 health-giving essential oils, to your pillow; alternatively, try the Eau de Bengalore® with its fresh and relaxing aromas. Sweet dreams await!


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