“Multimasking” Kit FREE*

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Receive your GIFT Kit composed of a Kaolin and Flowers Mask and an 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturizing Mask in sample sizes. This face mask duo, intended for “multimasking” use, is ideal to purify and hydrate the skin while effectively fighting against contamination!

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Adopt the “multimasking” trend, originating in Japan, with your kit containing two face masks. Ideally applied simultaneously to quickly meet the specific needs of each skin zone, these masks allow you to improve the quality of your skin and rediscover a brighter, more even complexion.

Tucked into a cotton bag with a stylish print, the Kaolin and Flowers Mask and the 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturizing Mask will easily slide into your suitcase for all of your getaways.

And a bonus: The bag can also be used as a basket! This bag contains:

- 1 Kaolin and Flowers Mask (20 mL) : certified organic with 99% natural ingredients, this mask will purify and disinfect the skin while creating a matte complexion thanks to the combination of the dual clays and organic fruit and flower extracts. During multimasking, it is ideal for use on the target T zone (central part of the forehead, nose and chin) of the face.

- 1 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturizing Mask (20 mL) : the ideal companion to soothe, deeply nourish and decrease the redness of the skin thanks to the patented active ingredients and the 7 Chinese plants that maintain the moisture content of the epidermis. During multimasking, it is ideal for application on zones subject to dryness, dehydration or even irritation: this is often the case with the sides of the nose, the cheeks and the contour of the lips.

On your masks, get set, “multimask”!

Conditions of validity of the offer:
*““Multimasking” Kit (retail value of 38€ - non-contractual image). Automatic offer valid from 06/22/2020 to 09/21/2020, limited to availability of stock.

FREE with the purchase of 2 body care products**
OR a 50-minute Gift Invitation + 1 body care product**

**The 25 ml Kassa Glove and Egyptian Water® are not included in this offer

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