Revitalizing & Lifting Leg Ritual (20 min*)

Revitalizing & Lifting Leg Ritual (20 min*)

A treatment aimed at relieving tired legs. This tonic and draining massage uses natural active ingredients from the Chinese pharmacopeia. Your legs feel fresh and light again leaving you completely relaxed.
*only sold as a supplement to another treatment.

  • durée
    20 minutes
  • jambes
  • tonique


This Relaxing Massage of the Legs, inspired by Traditional Indian Medicine, originates from an Ayurvedic tradition that helps to restore balance and stimulate the vital functions of the body.

It is a tonic, draining massage that targets blood and lymph circulation but also targets leg muscles to feel light and full of vitality again.

This treatment is performed with the Light Legs and Feet Cream made with an organic extract of Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Arnica, Menthol and Camphor which helps to accelerate blood circulation and tone legs. This unique treatment offers a wellbeing break and gives lightness and energy!

Thanks to its tonifying virtues, the Relaxing Massage of the Legs is ideal for those who want to feel light and full of vitality again. This unique treatment is an unforgettable escape from it all!