Traditional Hammam Ritual

  • Inspired by oriental tradition in which purification rituals hold significant importance, this ritual brings together all the benefits of the Hammam for you to experience an exceptional moment combining several relaxing massages.

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      1H50 or 2H20
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Traditional Hammam Ritual
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This Traditional Hammam Ritual is inspired by the oriental tradition and attaches great importance to the purification rituals of the Hammam. According to tradition, the principle is to visit the multiple rooms in the Hammam one after the other. Cinq Mondes has decided to go to the source of the traditional treatments and completes them with its Aromas and Colours Method.

> It starts with the Beldi Black Soap Scrub: On a delicately heated marble table, the practitioner applies Black Beldi Soap on the entire body thanks to deep and relaxing movements. After the Black Beldi Soap has been put on and rinsed off, the practitioner exfoliates the body with the Kassa glove and helps the skin to look radiant again.

> It continues with the Rassoul Cream Body Wrap: This wrap, made with clay tightens the pores and brightens the complexion. When this body beauty mask scented with oriental essential oils is on, the practitioner performs a head massage.

> Finally the Oriental Traditional Massage (50 min : for two plan an additional 30 mins): This massage will soothe you thanks to slow enveloping gestures, skillfully contrasting with the efforts the body needs in the hammam. The Sumptuous Oil from the Orient, applied during the massage, has a hydrating effect thanks to the subtle cocktail of olive oil, argan oil, sesame oil, essential oils of cinnamon...

This Traditional Hammam Ritual brings together all the benefits of the Hammam for you to experience a divine moment and enjoy relaxing massages. This ritual leaves you with a real sensation of purification and suppleness.
    • Beldi Black Soap

      Beldi Black Soap

      Written oriental tradition gives great importance to the purification rituals of the Hammam. Following the traditional oriental recipe, Savon Noir Beldi® is made with 100% virgin olive oil known for its regenerative properties and has a fragrance which is rich in essential oils of Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Cedar. <br><br>Skin is purified and its softness is fully restored.

    • orange blossom petals rain mist

      orange blossom petals rain mist

      After enjoying the steam from the Hamman, oriental women perfume themselves with floral water. Pluie de Pétales® de Fleurs d'Oranger is a subtle combination of the leaf (Petit Grain), flower (Neroli) and fruit (Bitter Orange) of the Orange Tree. This beauty mist for the body also contains Orange extracts which are rich in vitamin C with toning properties. Pluie de Pétales® de Fleurs d'Oranger leaves a fresh, scented aura on the skin.

    • Kassa Glove

      Kassa Glove

      The CINQ MONDES Kassa Glove is made with a very fine textured fabric formed from plant-derived cellulose. The Kassa Glove scrub is traditionally performed in the warm room of the Hammam, but can just as easily be performed at home in a hot shower. <br><br>With this glove skin is deeply purified, and regains its softness and radiance, whilst being gentle to sensitive skin.

    • sumptuous dry body oil

      sumptuous dry body oil

      After the purifying experience of the Hammam, oriental women massage themselves with solutions made from argan oil. Huile Somptueuse® de l'Orient, a subtly balanced blend of Argan, Sesame, and Olive oil, deeply nourishes the skin and leaves behind a delicate scent due to its fragrance which combines Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Cedar.  This oil purifies the skin and provides long lasting nourishment. A delightful treasure from the Orient. Perfect after a hammam or shower.