Royal Ritual from Siam

  • Inspired by the beauty traditions of the Kingdom of Siam, this ritual gives a deep feeling of wellbeing to revitalise your body and mind and helps to restore beautiful skin that is intensely nourished and hydrated.

    • durée
      1H50 or 2H20
    • rituel de soins
      Care Rituals
    • Revitalisant
Royal Ritual from Siam
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This Royal Ritual from Siam is inspired by the beauty rituals from the Kingdom of Siam (today Laos and Thailand), which have been using the properties of grains and exotic fruit since the 16th century: papaya rich in fruit acids, Kemiri nuts, coconuts, Tamanu nuts, to beautify the skin.

> It starts with the Japanese Bath of Aromas and Flowers: In Japan, bathing is a cultural tradition experienced as a moment of purification and relaxation. The Japanese Bath ceremony combines the benefits of the essential oils and flower petals for total relaxation.

> This is followed by the Radiance Scrub “Puree of Papaya”: An excellent natural scrub rich in papain (gentle fruit acid) which has the soft texture of a real fruit puree enriched with fine crushed coconut and Diatomaceous earth. Papaya Puree is applied with gestures combining stretches and circular movements for a soft and deep scrub. When this treatment is over, easy and immediate washing leaves the skin looking unified, smooth and ready for the Balinese massage.

> It continues with the Balinese Massage (50 min or 80 min): This massage performed using the Tropical Nuts Melting Balm relies on slow gestures and gentle stretching. The body feels supple again and movements are performed with a hot towel under the nape of the neck, liberating the tensions at the top of the back. The Tropical Nuts Melting Balm leaves skin hydrated and nourishes thanks to the benefits of 3 tropical nuts.

In this ritual, the association of these treatments with key ingredients from the Kingdom of Siam will give you a deep feeling of wellbeing, your body is boosted and your skin is left looking more beautiful, nourished and hydrated.
    • Papaya Purée

      Papaya Purée

      Purée de Papaye® is adapted from a beauty recipe which has traditionally been used in the Kingdom of Siam since the 16th century to restore radiance and softness to the skin. Thanks to the natural extracts of Papaya rich in Papain, Coconut powder, Diatomaceous Earth and Kemiri oil, the Purée de Papaye® shower scrub gently cleanses and purifies the skin. <br><br>Purée de Papaye® exfoliates, refines and brightens the complexion. Ideal for sensitive skin.

    • tropical nuts melting body balm

      tropical nuts melting body balm

      <span class="bold">Tropical nuts melting body balm</span> is a nourishing and regenerating balm adapted from a recipe traditionally used in the Kingdom of Siam to restore softness and radiance to the skin. This formula made from <span class="bold">Tamanu, Coconut and Kemiri</span> oil has a very unique texture, starting off solid and then melting into the skin on contact. <br><br>Skin is immediately deeply nourished and regains its silky and radiant appearance.

    • phyto-aromatic shower and bath oil

      phyto-aromatic shower and bath oil

      The Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil (Siam's Ritual) combines the moisturising* power of vegetable oils with the balancing properties of Bergamot and Lignum Vitae Wood essential oils. On contact with the skin, this oil turns into a milky emulsion and then a creamy lather. <br><br>Skin is cleansed, moisturised* and lightly perfumed. (*moisturisation of the upper layers of the epidermis.)

    • Flowers Rain Tonic

      Flowers Rain Tonic

      Cinq Mondes reinvents the ritual practiced by Balinese princesses of sprinkling themselves with floral water with its Pluie de Fleurs®, a toning alcohol-free beauty mist for the face, which gives an immediate glow thanks to the mild acids of Hibiscus, Gardenia and White Lily flowers. <BR><BR>Released in a very fine mist, the Pluie de Fleurs® restores an immediate glow to the face and neckline.</P>


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