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Get a FREE shopping bag containing a Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm and a Papaya Puree in a discovery format. This duo of body products is ideal to exfoliate and moisturize the skin in all seasons!
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Cinq Mondes goes with you on all your outings with its signature bag decorated with ethnic illustrations. Its functional format allows you to easily carry everything you need to travel in style!

This bag contains:

- 1 Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm (30 mL): rich in essential fatty acids, it has regenerative and soothing properties that make it a great daily moisturizer with its cocktail of Sesame, Neem and Boswellia oils.

- 1 Papaya Puree (30 ml) : used since the sixteenth century in the kingdom of Siam, Papaya Puree is known for making the skin radiant and soft. Combined with diatomaceous earth, it naturally removes dead skin cells. Coconut Oil soothes and smooths the skin. An exfoliating 2-in-1 shower that promises softness, escapism and stimulation of the senses.

Validity terms of the offer:

* “Sensory Travel” bag) automatically given away free from 06/28/2021 to 09/26/2021, while stocks last. The Kassa Glove and Eau Egyptienne® 25mL are excluded from the offer.

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