Precious « Ko Bi Do » Global Anti-Age “Fountain of Youth” Facial (50 or 80 min)

Precious « Ko Bi Do » Global Anti-Age “Fountain of Youth” Facial (50 or 80 min)

A truly global anti-age treatment, this manual lifting inspired by the Japanese “Ko Bi Do” massage deeply targets wrinkles, firmness, pigment marks and radiance, insisting on the eye contour, the mouth, the neckline and the arms. Your skin will be left plumped-up and smooth, your complexion look radiant and you will feel completely relaxed in your mind.

  • durée
    50 or 80 minutes
  • visage
  • anti-âge


Originating from Japan, this KO BI DO Anti-Age Global facial care means ancestral beauty method and comes from gestures recognised today as being some of the most effective to prolong or restore the youthfulness of the face, neck and neckline.

There are Five traditional steps in this treatment: the purification of the skin, toning up of the face muscles, the lifting massage, the hydrating and, to finish, the natural elimination of natural toxins. Acting as a real natural lifting thanks to the Dermapuncture® techniques, your skin regains youthfulness, firmness and radiance.

> To determine the products suited to your skin’s needs, the treatment starts with a personalised skin diagnosis and the application of a suitable Precious Elixir.

> This step is followed by a floral enzyme and Diatomeous Earth scrub that helps oxygenate the tissues for better penetration of the anti-ageing ingredients.

> This is followed by the “Ko Bi Do” massage combined with Dermapuncture®, a real set of complementary movements (energetic, anti-wrinkles, lifting and draining) to lift and plump all the sensitive areas of the face.

The application of the Precious Concentrate and the Precious Cream with 8 patents helps to increase the effectiveness of the massage.

> Then the practitioner applies a lifting mask designed for your skin’s needs to deeply regenerate and boost your skin’s radiance.

While the mask is on, for the 50 min version, you need to choose between several areas of the body to massage, and for the 80 min version you have an active firmness massage on your face, neck and the neckline and then the arms.

> And finally, a massage of the feet and lower legs as well helps you to totally relax.

This Treatment and Massage of the face stimulates all the energetic circulation of the face and body, eliminates toxins and tonifies the muscles of the face, targeting the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles.