Indian Slimming Treatment – Drain & Detox

Indian Slimming Treatment – Drain & Detox

A thousand year old slimming treatment with a draining action that fights against water retention in the legs, thighs and ankles. This treatment is preceded by a warm body wrap to detox the skin and optimise the effects of active ingredients such as ginger.

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This Indian Slimming Draining and Detoxifying Treatment, inspired by the Bengalore ritual is a thousand year old Indian slimming treatment with a draining, anti-cellulite and detoxifying action. Combining the application of a heated wrap and draining and decongesting movements on the legs, it helps relaunch the main energetic, circulatory and lymphatic exchanges.

This treatment decongests and shapes the silhouette while acting effectively against fatty tissues. Furthermore, it aims to activate microcirculation to drain toxins and water in the cellulitic areas. It can be done as a Cure in 5 to 10 sessions or as a combination with the Brazilian Ritual “Slimming Cafe Cream” Slimming and Firming.

> The treatment starts with deep breathing to become aware of the body as a whole. Then the practitioner performs a heated wrap using the Udvartana Slimming Wrap. It is a concentrate of Cicer Arietinum, more commonly known as chickpea flour, associated with organic extract of ginger and Embilica Officinalis, this wrap is applied to all the areas to treat (thighs, hips, stomach, bottom...) to absorb the fat, smooth the skin (anti orange peel effect), activate blood and lymph circulation, and eliminate toxins. During the wrap, a firming massage of the arms is given.

> The treatment continues with an active massage using the Udvartana Slimming Cream which contains a patented complex, Lipocare® combined with an organic ginger extract and Embilica officinalis, 2 traditional ingredients recognised for their draining virtues. The practitioner alternates heating techniques, kneading and quick movements of the skin.

> The treatment continues with a draining massage of the legs. Each of the movements guarantees effective firming and toning on all treated areas (stomach, hips, thighs, knees, loins and bottom). To adapt its slimming program to every customer the best they can, CINQ MONDES offers a personalised assessment before each cure.

This treatment combined with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, helps to reduce water retention and the orange peel look in a few sessions. In addition to these effects, the Ayurvedic Ritual helps to target aqueous cellulite successfully.


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Cinq Mondes’ philosophy is based on the conviction that the skin is our vital sensory organ.

Combining technical expertise, result and absolute relaxation, Cinq Mondes’ treatment protocols use an exclusive manual technique of needle-free acupuncture: Dermapuncture®.

Developed in partnership with international scientists, specialists of time-honored practices such as Ayurveda and Shiatsu, Dermapuncture® stimulates and balances the body’s energy flows thanks to the expert hands of the brand’s practitioners..