Royal Sirodhara® Treatment

Royal Sirodhara® Treatment

Inspired by the expertise of great Indian traditions, discover the exceptional Maharadjah treatment which heals the mind and body and enables you to enjoy a moment of wellbeing and escape. Alone or with another person, take the time to unwind from deep within!

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This Royal Sirodhara® Treatment, inspired by the traditions of India, is an exceptional treatment that respects the traditional know-how of grand Indian traditions. Sirodhara holds a unique place in the treatments of wellbeing and relaxation from the Ayurveda to deeply recharge the body and mind.

> It starts with aWelcoming ceremony®: Enjoy a blissful relaxing moment thanks to this foot bath with rose petals that are delicately scented, combined with a soothing massage of the arch of foot, inspired by the Asian tradition of the art of touch.

> The Massage Udarabhyanga is next: Inspired by the thousand year old Indian Ayurvedic tradition, this Abhyanga hot oil massage is a real moment of relaxation for the entire body, releasing tensions and fatigue, awakening the body to a new sensoriality.

> It is followed by a Royal Sirodhara® Treatment: Escape to the heart of Indian tradition and discover the exceptional treatment of the Maharadjahs.

Enjoy a relaxing time for mind and body thanks to the virtues of hot sesame oil which is poured skillfully on your forehead. The benefits are prolonged with a marvellous scalp massage that will leave you feeling intensely relaxed.

> To finish, it is time for the Unwinding Ceremony ®: Finish your ritual by being woken up with gentle and energising stretches according to Indian tradition. These movements will stimulate and will awaken your senses at the end of the treatments. You will wake up peacefully and you can quietly enjoy the tea ceremony.

The Royal Sirodhara® Treatment provides powerful mental soothing. Your sleep quality will improve and the nervous tension disappears.