Specific Area Massage

Vous recherchez une détente d’une zone spécifique (cuir chevelu, dos, jambes, …) de votre corps ? Retrouvez notre sélection de massages et soins corporels ainsi que nos gommages du corps, à l'efficacité ciblée qui répondront à votre besoin ponctuel tout en vous laissant transporter par les parfums envoûtants et les protocoles originaux de Cinq Mondes.
Massage Sublime de Polynésie Délassant

Our pick

Sublime Relaxing Massage from Polynesia

Inherited from the healers of Polynesia, this treatment enables us to experience a unique moment of deep relaxation using long, continous pressure and movements.

Transported by the gentle scents of Tiaré and white flowers, your body and mind evacuate all your stress and tension to restore energy and vitality.

Sublime Relaxing Massage from Polynesia

  • Ritual from the Islands, Polynesia
  • 50 or 80 min


Cinq Mondes’ philosophy is based on the conviction that the skin is our vital sensory organ.

Combining technical expertise, result and absolute relaxation, Cinq Mondes’ treatment protocols use an exclusive manual technique of needle-free acupuncture: Dermapuncture®.

Developed in partnership with international scientists, specialists of time-honored practices such as Ayurveda and Shiatsu, Dermapuncture® stimulates and balances the body’s energy flows thanks to the expert hands of the brand’s practitioners..