“SOS Summer” Kit OFFERED

  • 2 x 20 mL
  • 2 travel-size products
Come and pick up your summer pouch, including 2 travel-size products: a Seeds and Flowers Exfoliant with gentle and ultra-fine grains, and our 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturizing Mask to hydrate your skin quickly. Your skin will be ready for a summer full of sunbathing!
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Do you dream about a tan complexion and a flawless tanned face?
The secret: Exfoliate and hydrate your skin after exposing it to the sun! This bag has your two summer essentials that will prepare and soothe your skin after a day at the beach.

This kit contains :

- 1 Seeds and Flowers Exfoliant (20 mL) : The finest and most delicate facial scrub for gentle and thorough exfoliation. Use this scrub before applying your usual sun cream to remove dead cells from your skin for an even tan and to prevent your skin from peeling!

- 1 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturizing Mask (20 ml): Try or retry the Cinq Mondes bestseller ... 20 mL of it! It acts as a shot that rapidly hydrates the skin, moisturizes and soothes it after exposure to the sun. And a bonus: It smoothens the skin and gives it new volume with its two patented actives: Imperata Cylindrica® and Acide Hyaluronique végétal®!

Conditions of validity of the offer:
Automatic offer available once for person from 27/06/2019 au 22/09/2019 while stock last.

*For the purchase of :
2 body care products OR
d’1 Invitation a 50-minute Gift Certificate + 1 body care product
The Kassa Glove and Eau Egyptienne® (25 mL) are excluded from the offer.

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