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What is a cookie?

Cookies are files stored on the hard drive of your computer when you first visit a website. They act as a "unique user ID" which enables us to recognize you on subsequent visits to the website.

Most websites, including, use cookies in order to improve your user experience and make each visit as interesting as possible throughout the period of validity of the cookie.

Cookies are not active files, and therefore do not carry viruses. You can change the settings of your computer in order to be warned each time you receive cookies, and choose to disable them. You can make these changes through your browser. To learn more about the current Cookie Policy and the use of cookies, go to

How does SNOW GROUP use cookies?

In order to improve the website, we use cookies, including, but not restricted to, session cookies, that enable you to access your user account. Certain cookies are necessary to provide a customer basket, others are required for audience measurements and for establishing statistics on how frequently the website is visited, and how users navigate through the website. These statistics are completely anonymous. They provide information on the most visited pages, the browsers used, and the number of visits, or their geographical location.

What are the functionalities of the different cookies?

Session cookies

Session cookies make it possible to track your movements from one page to another so that you are not asked for the same information you already provided.
Period of validity: browser session.

Authentication cookies

They are activated each time you visit the website that created them. They keep record of the browsing preferences you configured during a previous visit (language, username and password), thus facilitating your future visits.
Period of validity: the maximum validity period is 6 months.

Shopping cart cookies

These cookies enable us to remember the items you put in your shopping cart.
Period of validity: browser session.

Audience measurement cookies:

Audience measurement cookies are used to collect information about the navigation, visits, and visitors traffic on our website.
Period of validity: the maximum validity period is 6 months.

Cookie management

You can activate or deactivate all or some of the cookies directly using the tool available here.