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1.1. How do I create my account?

Click on the MY ACCOUNT area symbolised by a silhouette in the top right-hand corner. Once you have been redirected, select CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill in your personal details. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been created.

1.2. Is it safe to give out my personal details?

All information provided is strictly confidential. It will be used exclusively by Cinq Mondes' internal services for the sole purpose of making a delivery or sending you commercial information. Your bank details are encrypted in SSL mode and are never kept or stored on the site.

1.3. I can't remember my username and/or password. How do I find them?

Your login is the email address you used to create your account. If you forget it, you can recreate an account with a different email address. From your MY ACCOUNT area, you can retrieve your password by clicking on the forgotten password link. Simply enter your contact email address and confirm your request: your password will be sent to this address.

1.4. Why do I need to give my telephone number?

We will use this information to ensure efficient delivery and to answer your questions and/or contact you about your order.

1.5. How can I change my personal details?

To change your personal details, log in to MY ACCOUNT and click on EDIT to apply your changes, then save.

1.6. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?

- To subscribe to the newsletter, simply enter your email address in the box provided at the bottom of the homepage.

- To unsubscribe, you can send your request to [email protected] or click on the unsubscribe link that appears at the very bottom of the newsletter.


2.1. How do I use a discount code?

"In your basket on the "Delivery" and/or "Payment" page, enter the discount code in the "APPLY DISCOUNT CODE" box on the "Delivery" and/or "Payment" page, then click on "OK". Be sure to copy the promotional code exactly as it appears without adding any spaces or special characters.

2.2. Do I need to register my details and create an account to place an order?

In order to place your order, you must create your account by entering your personal details (surname, first name, postal address, e-mail address, etc.).

2.3. What payment methods are available to pay for my order?

You can pay for your order :

- by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue)
- by PayPal
- by American Express
- by ApplePay (mobile only).

2.4. Is online payment secure?

Payments to are totally secure thanks to 3D Secure. Your bank details are encrypted in SSL mode and are never kept or stored on the site.

2.5. Will I be notified that my order has been registered?

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address you gave when you created your account, informing you that your order has been processed. If you haven't received it, please check your spam folder or contact us using our contact form.

2.6. How can I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, log in to the account you used to place the order by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT space symbolised by a silhouette in the top right-hand corner. Select MY ORDERS then click on the "eye" symbol to the right of the desired order.
To retrieve the PDF of a Gift Invitation, click on "PDF" to the right of the order concerned.

2.7. Can I change or cancel my order?

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.. If you have a specific enquiry about your order, please contact Customer Services by telephone or via our contact form HERE.

2.8. What should I do if I have problems placing an order?

If you have a specific query about your order, please contact Customer Service by telephone or via our contact form HERE.

2.9. I haven't received my 3D Secure validation code by text message. What should I do?

3-D Secure is a secure Internet payment protocol. It enables the banking services to ensure, for each online payment, that the card is being used by the genuine cardholder. If you do not receive your code, please contact your bank.

2.10. My parcel is missing an item.

If you buy Cinq Mondes products and a Gift Invitation® online, you will receive two different parcels as the items do not leave from the same logistics point.


3.1. What are the costs and delivery times?

See Delivery FAQs.

3.2. Which countries can you deliver to?

See Delivery FAQs.

3.3. How can I change my delivery address?

You can add a new delivery address by logging into your personal space. In the MY ACCOUNT section, click on EDIT ADDRESS to change the delivery address registered by default when your account was created. Please note that it is not possible to change the delivery address once the order has been validated and paid for.

3.4. Can you deliver to an address other than my home?

By logging into your account, you can access your address book, which allows you to save a delivery address different from the billing address. When you place your order, simply select the billing and delivery addresses. The parcel will be delivered to the address indicated with a Delivery Note without a price. You will receive a confirmation to the email address of the account you used to place your order, with the details of your purchase in figures.


4.1. Are all the products available on the website?

All Cinq Mondes products are available on while stocks last.

4.2. Where can I buy Cinq Mondes products?

Cinq Mondes products are sold on the website, in Cinq Mondes spas and in our network of partner spas. To find your nearest sales outlet, go to the SPAS page..

4.3. How can I send a comment on a product experience?

After receiving your order, you will automatically receive a satisfaction questionnaire on your email address from the trusted third party Avis Vérifiés, to tell us about your experience on the website and your opinion of the products you received. You can also comment on your product experience on our social networks. To view customer reviews, scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on the "Avis Vérifiés" icon.

4.4. How can I obtain test doses/samples?

With every order shipped, you'll receive 1 travel size product. To get more, visit your nearest spa.

4.5. Undesirable effects when using a product

If you have any questions about adverse reactions following the use of a product, please contact [email protected].


5.1. How do I buy a Gift Invitation online?

To purchase a Gift Invitation, click on OFFER A TREATMENT in the website menu. You will be redirected to a page where you can select the Spa and fill in the personal information required to purchase a Gift Invitation® for a treatment that you can use yourself or offer as a gift.

5.2. Which spas can I buy a Gift Invitation for online?

You can offer a treatment in the Spas Cinq Mondes in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Monaco and Brussels.

5.3. How will I receive my Gift Invitation?

When you purchase your treatment, you have two options: - Print your Gift Invitation directly at home
- Or you can choose to receive a gift box at home. You will receive a parcel in which you will find a case containing the product catalogue, the skincare catalogue, your personalised message and the Gift Invitation®.

5.4. I can't find my spa in the list of establishments to offer a treatment

Only treatments for the Spas Cinq Mondes in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Monaco, Nantes and Brussels are sold on In order to offer a treatment in one of our partner spas, we recommend that you contact the desired spa directly. You will find all the contact details for our partner spas on our website under the heading OUR SPAS.

5.5. I've selected my spa but I don't understand which treatments are on offer.

The treatment menus are available on each Spa page.

5.6. I've lost my Gift Invitation®.

In order to carry out your treatment despite the loss of your Gift Invitation®, we invite you to contact our customer service directly via the contact form or by telephone.

5.7. How can I get advice on Gift Invitations?

We invite you to visit one of our Spas or to call to discuss your needs in more detail with our practitioners.


6.1. Where is my nearest point of sale?

To find your nearest outlet, go to "Find a spa". You can either geolocate yourself or enter a town or postcode to find spas nearby.

6.2. How do I book a treatment at my Spa?

To book a treatment, please visit one of our Spas or call to make an appointment. You can also book your treatment online by going directly to the agenda of the chosen spa on the "Book" page.


7.1. How do I book a treatment online?

To book a treatment online, please click on the "Book" page. This will take you directly to the schedule of the spa you have chosen, by selecting the town, spa, date and/or type of treatment.

7.2. Can I book a treatment online with a gift invitation I have received?

To book a treatment online with a Gift Invitation, you must click on the "Book" page, choose the spa indicated on your Gift Invitation, choose the date on which you would like to have your treatment and the type of treatment. You will then choose the time that suits you best, enter your first and last name and as soon as the treatment is added to the basket, you will need to enter your gift reference (which can be found on your Gift Invitation) in the payment method section (payment by voucher or gift card).

7.3. Is it possible to choose the establishment for my treatment when I have received a gift invitation?

When you receive a Gift Invitation, it is linked to a spa. You can only carry out your treatment in the spa indicated on your Gift Invitation.

7.4. Can I choose the practitioner of my choice?

You cannot choose the practitioner of your choice when you book online. However, you can contact the Spa where you have booked so that they can place you with the person of your choice. Subject to the practitioner's availability.

7.5. How do I cancel or postpone my booking?

You can cancel or postpone your appointment up to 48 hours before the scheduled date by contacting the Spa where you booked.
After this time, we will not be able to accept cancellations or postponements.
However, if you are ill, you will be able to cancel your appointment at any time as long as you present medical proof.