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tailored effectiveness

Dietetics is the science that regulates the organism’s nutritional intake to stimulate its metabolism, correct imbalance and prolong longevity.

Cinq Mondes Research continues to innovate and offer a revolutionary approach by applying this principal for the first time to skin cells, for targeted and tailored effectiveness on wrinkles, complexion, firmness, etc.

To achieve this, Cinq Mondes Laboratories select and optimize natural active ingredients:

• 10 rare and precious Super Plant Oils from the World’s Pharmacopeias, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9,

• 10 complexes végétaux et biotechnologiques brevetés

These natural active ingredients provide cells with the daily micro-nutrients they need to:

•Regain balance and resist destabilizing disruption."

• Trigger their natural mechanisms, especially cell renewal


So each skin type and each specific need finds an adapted solution in Cinq Mondes' range thanks to the winning combination of our Precious Elixirs and our face creams. To be used as a serum before applying your daily care product and our face creams.

5 Precious Elixirs + 8 Face Creams

= 40 tailored combinations

for natural effectiveness

The sources of Cinq Mondes cosmetics are rooted in the World's Pharmacopeias and time-honored traditions adapted to our contemporary ones through state-of-the art cosmetic science that excludes petrochemicals.

Pour garantir une efficacité maximale, les Laboratoires Cinq Mondes ont recherché et sélectionné les actifs naturels les plus performants, dont 10 complexes innovants brevetés parmi lesquels :

  • Acide Hyaluronique végétal

    Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid

    Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid obtained from the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria adapted to a renewable plant substrate, this heavy molecular-weight plant-based Hyaluronic acid forms a non-occlusive film that regulates perspiration and protects the skin from outside aggression. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, it maintains cutaneous water and acts as a water reservoir for the skin.

    Find the potency of this patented active ingredient in our Must-Have Precious Cream.

  • Avena Sativa

    Avena Sativa

    100% natural, sugar-based skin tensor, Avena Sativa is a purified fraction of natural polysaccharides (sugar) obtained from organically-grown oats. Oats originate from China where they were used over 200 years before Christ for their antioxidant and protective properties that prevent skin aging. Avena Sativa adheres to the skin surface to form an organic, continuous film that produces an immediate and visible tightening effect.

    Discover this patented active ingredient in our Must-Have
    7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment.

  • Imperata Cylindrica

    Imperata Cylindrica

    Also called Japanese Blood Grass, Imperata Cylindrica is a tall grass from South East Asia. Naturally rich in Potassium, it enables the skin to maintain its hydration level for 24 hours. Discover this patented active ingredient in our 7 Chinese Plants Ointment of Youth.

  • Kombuchka®


    Kombucha®, also referred to as the "long life mushroom", comes from the fermentation of black tea and naturally contains AHAs, Vitamins and Polyphenols. Kombuchka® slows cell aging, boosts volume to areas that need it, improves the skin’s surface by making it smoother, brighter and more radiant.

    Discover this patented active ingredient in our Five Flowers Radiance Cream.

Botanical effectiveness for
militant formulations

Since its creation, Cinq Mondes has been and remains committed to using neither silicones, nor mineral oils nor parabens in its products. Pioneer in the development of militant, petrochemical-free formulas, Cinq Mondes was among the first natural brands to establish a strict laboratory charter with guidelines developed by a Doctor of Pharmacy that adheres to 5 principles:

0% Paraben 0% silicone


Natural Laboratory Guidelines

1. Main active ingredients of organic and natural origin

2. Ingredients strictly excluded from our Guidelines:

  • • parabens and phenoxyethanol
  • • silicones and mineral oils
  • • artificial colorings

3. Tested under dermatological control

By prioritizing naturally-processed ingredients and ingredients sourced from organic farming, Cinq Mondes Laboratories selects the best patented active botanical ingredients that:

• improve skin quality and beauty

•stimulate cell metabolism and rebalance,

• respect the environment.

All the cosmetic products used during treatments are made in France and combine advanced cosmetic science and immense sensory appeal.

«This wholehearted commitment to formulation and constant diligence enable Cinq Mondes to offer you effectiveness, perfect safety and sensory appeal.»


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