Ritual from Java

"It's found again. What? Eternity. It's the sea, mixed with the sun"


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Beauty Ritual
In Polynesia,
There's a real tradition of ancestral gestures to awaken the complexion's radiance and purify the skin, thanks to the combination of flower and tropical fruit extracts, such as the Lulur recipe. They instantly illuminate the complexion and their spicy notes awaken the senses. Other techniques, combining gentle Thai stretching and traditional Balinese smoothing, offer deep relaxation and make the body's joints more supple.
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Use infusions of Flowers and Tropical Fruits with softening and radiant properties to specifically cleanse facial skin and brighten the complexion. In the Kingdom of Siam (ancient Thailand), to restore skin radiance and cleanse impurities, women and men use papaya-based scrubs or spices and herbs such as "Boreh", an ancient warrior remedy.
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Aromatic Spice Scrub

Product from the Ritual

Ritual from Java

Aromatic Scrub

200 ml