The story of Cinq Mondes

Through its treatments and products, Cinq Mondes offers deep regeneration of body and mind to recreate a state of perfect balance even inside our skin cells for Happy skin, from the inside out!

  • Fascinated by
    medicines and cosmetics,

    Nathalie and Jean-Louis Poiroux journeyed around the world in search of the best Beauty Rituals of the World.

    Cinq Mondes began 15 years ago after we traveled around the world for one and a half years to learn about the best Wellness and Beauty Rituals from the World's 5 major regions with exceptional, time-honored Beauty traditions: India, China, Japan, Siam (Bali, Laos, Cambodia) and Morocco. All have very ancient rituals that are still practiced today based on treatments and products from living knowledge transmitted and taught in cultures today.

  • Jean-Louis Poiroux Jean-Louis Poiroux
  • Nathalie Poiroux Nathalie Poiroux

These voyages were the opportunity for Cinq Mondes to build

scientific partnerships

with 5 doctors, including Dr Gensham Marda PhD, Ayurvedic doctor, and Dr Li Hao, Master of Chi Qong.

These partnerships enabled the development of DERMAPUNCTURE®, exceptional needle-free acupuncture that stimulates vital energies, and also to offer truly natural Face lifting with the Japanese technique of KOBIDO.

After returning to Paris

Jean-Louis Poiroux opened his first Spa focused on the World`'s traditional medicines in the heart of Paris' Triangle d`'Or, in Square de l'Opéra Louis-Jouvet. The Press was immediately enthusiastic and more than 1,000 articles about CINQ MONDES were published in just one year.

"Our visibility and unique originality drew the attention of directors in the luxury hotel sector. They quickly wanted to take up a franchise and equip their hotels with a Cinq Mondes Spa, for which we designed the architecture, treatment menu, training programs, etc.",
recalls Jean-Louis.

Today, Cinq Mondes has convinced
over 1,000 Spas in 36 countries
to work with the brand. Cinq Mondes is partner to some of the most
beautiful and prestigious 4 and 5-star hotels

« Our voyages and scientific partnerships still guide us in the creation of our Integrative Wellbeing Treatments of tomorrow as well as our cosmetics that combine natural effectiveness and sensory appeal. »

Cinq Mondes Laboratories have always campaigned for

petrochemical-free cosmetics

They have enhanced the World's Pharmacopeias in formulas that contain no silicone and no mineral oil, which are all too widely used in cosmetics because of their low cost.

«We take the opposite approach by using «miracle» botanical oils, also called «Super Plant Oils», such as Camellia, Argan and Kemiri, which are about 20 to 30 times more expensive than petroleum-distillate oils, but which make an extraordinary difference to the skin.»

«Petrochemical products are occlusive; they obstruct gaseous exchanges and prevent the skin from breathing. Super Plant Oils provide the skin with essential fatty acids, Omegas 3 and 6, and nutrients that stimulate and rebalance cell metabolism, according to the principle of Skin Dietetics. The skin can breathe and cell regeneration is greatly improved. We also use natural and organic patented botanical active ingredients.»

Jean-Louis Poiroux

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