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Cinq Mondes, partner of the most beautiful spas around the world

Cinq Mondes has a network of more than 16 Spas under its name and 600 partner Spas, a presence in more than 30 countries outside of France and is internationally recognised for its Spas which are ranked amongst the best in the world.

Our references : Paris - Espace Privé, Paris -Nantes - Lyon - Marseille - Casablanca - Dolce La Hulpe, Brussels - Monte Carlo Bay Hotel&Resort, Monaco - Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne, Switzerland - Royal Thalassa Hotel, Monastir, Tunisia - Méridiens Barbarons, Seychelles - Paradise Cove, Mauritius – Club Med Marrakech La Palmeraie, La Médina, Le Riad, Morocco - Club Med La Plantation D’Albion, Mauritius - Club Med Sinai Bay, Egypt...


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Nathalie Bouchon Poiroux, Cinq Mondes Treatment designer and Director of Training and Quality

For 10 years, Cinq Mondes has been gathering a selection of the best treatments from around the world that are remarkable for their quality, authenticity and ceremonial traditions. Nathalie Bouchon Poiroux - Treatment designer and Director of Training and Quality - is working closely with renowned scientist partners to create Cinq Mondes treatments, inspired by the "Beauty Rituals of the World(r)" and based on Dermapuncture(r), a technique that is truly "acupuncture without needles".

What are your sources of inspiration when you create a new Cinq Mondes treatment?

My first source of inspiration lies in the great wellbeing traditions from around the world. Foremost philosophies and medicines place considerable emphasis on the preservation of energy capital by advocating the need to pay daily attention to both body and mind. My second source of inspiration is more personal and intimate: it lies in the quest to establish movements that provide the right conditions to let go of stress and problems and through the resulting state of profound relaxation, restore energy and improve vitality.

How did this passion and interest for wellbeing of the body and mind emerge?

I studied Hindi and the ancient Hindu civilization at the Institute of Oriental Languages, which took me straight to the heart of India and Ayurveda. The mysteries of the body and its psychological complexity were centers of research throughout my studies and work as a clinical psychologist and professional massage therapist. It is this passion that still guides me today.

What is Dermapuncture®?

Having worked closely with masters and teachers of the sacred sciences of the body, I developed this technique that consists in working on key vital energy points on the face and body with the fleshy part of the fingertips. This especially allows specific and targeted action to stimulate skin radiance and facial youthfulness. Our movements draw their inspiration from Chinese and Japanese Rituals in the Art of Touch, such as KoBiDO, which relaxes facial features and deeply relaxes the body. This method is carried out in over 30 countries by our spa practitioners and bears witness to the excellence of our training and technical expertise in our professional treatments.


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Cinq Mondes Products, Beauty Recipes of the World®

Jean-Louis Poiroux, founder of Cinq Mondes, has developed a unique line of natural skincare products inspired by ancient beauty recipes. Cinq Mondes products are specifically adapted for use in professional treatments with formulas that are both effective and harmless thanks to our research into Phyto-aromatics :

- Phyto : the power of active plant based ingredients used in traditional remedies
- Aromatic : associated with the benefits for the mind and body of unique fragrances created by great perfumers.

To ensure perfect inocuousness, Cinq Mondes skincare products are developed under the control of a Pharmacy PhD and formulated according to a highly demanding Natural Laboratory Guideline.

1. Selection of organic or natural ingredients
2. Without paraben nor phenoxyethanol
3. Without silicone nor mineral oil
4. Without artificial colouring
5. Tested under dermatological control

As a pioneer of petrochemical free formulas, Cinq Mondes has always favoured organic ingredients that are both effective and sensory. Progress achieved in skincare research in recent years has enabled Cinq Mondes to offer products with Ecocert – Cosmebio certification.


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13 Patents for Optimal Performance

Cinq Mondes laboratory, under the directorship of their Pharmacy Phd Francine Vaution, prioritises research into and selection of the most effective natural ingredients in order to adapt traditional recipes to cutting edge cosmetology. In order to guarantee maximum performance, Cinq Mondes uses 13 innovative patented complexes :

• Avena Sativa: organic oat sugars giving an optimal and immediate lifting effect

• Cellulosomes® Eryngium Maritimum: plant sterm cell taht boosts cell renewal

• Chronodyn®: extract of Euglena Gracilis, an unicellar micro-alga, tones and firms the skin, eliminates signs of tiredness and stimulates calcium release

• Imperata Cylindrica: tall grass originating from South-East Asia, provides 24-hour moisturizing

• Kombuchka®: referred to as the “long life mushroom”, smoothes the texture of the skin, enhances radiance and gives an healthy glow

• Lipid Complex Active Ingredient: protects cells and fights against free radicals

• Lipocare®: a natural active ingredient which visibly reduces the orange peel appearance of the skin and limits water retention

• Lupeol: lupin extract that stimulates the synthesis of good quality Collagen and firms areas of sagging skin

• Padina Pavonica® : a brown seaweed which protects the skin from harsh external factors

• Patented active ingredient based on Glaucine: reduces dimpling and increases firmness

• Peptide: a remarkable cellular messenger that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid to repair skin damage

• Phyto-Density Complex: a tailored complex that controls and inhibits the harmful impact of cellular stress with an effect on existing wrinkles, skin quality and sagging facial contours

• Uvaxine: innovative molecule which protects skin cells, it acts as a real anti-age shield.

Cinq Mondes



For the second year running, Cinq Mondes has been awarded by the Victoires de la Beauté for its Five Flowers Radiance Cream and Phyto-Peeling Lotion. The organization putting products to the test is MONADIA, the leading consumer quality center in France, with a Quality Exam (Examen Qualité®) based on the opinion and critical analysis of a panel of 70 consumers.

Precious Elixir Purifying and Sublime ScrubDécouvrir

In 2013, Cinq Mondes’ Sublime Scrub and Purifying Precious Elixir were singled out by the Observatoire des Cosmétiques as being among the best cosmetic products. This selection is based on professional criteria such as efficacy, cutaneous tolerance and enjoyment of use.

The Paris Cinq Mondes Spa - FranceDécouvrir

The Paris Cinq Mondes Spa receives the SPA-A Label for the 2nd year running in recognition of the quality of its treatments and premium services.


This year, the Cinq Mondes Spa at Club Med Albion in Mauritius has been awarded by the Spa-A label. The Spa-A Quality Charter is based on 50 criteria that cover 5 essential principles: overall client experience, service and treatments, equipment and premises, products, and environmental conservation.


This year, the Cinq Mondes Spa at Club Med La Palmeraie in Marrakech has been awarded by the Spa-A label in a minimum 3-year undertaking during which time the Spa commits to a quality process, with annual assessment by experts from EXCEL PLACE, an expert quality assessment organisation specializing in prestigious hotels.

Cinq Mondes Spa at Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne – SwitzerlandDécouvrir

Received the Best worldwide rankings at the “Leading Spas of the World®” in 2010 and 2011

Cinq Mondes Spa at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort****, MonacoDécouvrir

Distinguished as the best Spa in Europe by the 2009 Villegiature Award.

Cinq Mondes

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