Angel Hands Regenerating Treatment

Angel Hands Regenerating Treatment

An embellishing hand treatment with an anti-aging action. A wonderful fruity scrub, enhancing mask and soothing massage are some of the stages in this beauty secret that restores angel hands. (The treatment does not include nail varnish)

  • durée
    50 minutes
  • mains
  • anti-âge


This Angel Hands Regenerating Treatment is inspired by hand reflexology, an ancestral manual therapy performed in the Traditional Chinese Rituals to provide well-being and balance to the entire body. This relaxation treatment is completed with a beauty treatment to magnify the skin on the hands and the beauty of the nails.

After an oriental purity bath, the hands are dried and wrapped in a heated mask which nourishes and unifies the skin of the hands subjected to a number of aggressions. A massage of the reflex areas of the hand and arms and then the nape of the neck pleasantly soothes the whole body.

> The treatment starts with the Welcoming Ritual, including a hand bath in warm water and a massage of the neck and skull, giving a sensation of bliss and gets you ready for the rest of the treatment harmoniously.

The treatment continues with a relaxing massage of the hand with Papaya Puree with Natural Papaya extracts, diatomaceous earth and Ceder Oil which is a very gentle scrub.

> The hands are then dried and wrapped in a heated mask with the Angel Hand Cream comprising partly of an organic extract of Aloe Vera, Bamou and White mulberry to hydrate and prevent age spots.

The treatment continues with a dry massage of the shoulder down to the hands on both sides of the body which helps to pleasantly regenerate the entire body.

The benefits of this massage are reinforced thanks to a rhythmic and dynamic movement with the thumb on the reflex areas. This massage involves deep and revitalising relaxation by spreading a deep feeling of bliss over the body.

The Angel Hands Regenerating Treatment gives intense relaxation and a unique moment of bliss, while magnifying the skin and nails of your hands!


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