«Five Flowers Ritual» Illuminescence Facial (50 min)

«Five Flowers Ritual» Illuminescence Facial (50 min)

Originating from the Balinese Ritual, this face treatment tonifies and illuminates the skin. Thanks to the association of five tropical flowers, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and the complexion looks brighter.

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    50 minutes
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This "Five Flowers Ritual" Illuminescence facial, is a real invitation to getaway, combining treatment and deep relaxation. Inspired by the rituals of Balinese floral aspersion, this treatment with Five Tropical Flowers helps to deeply and gently cleanse the skin while boosting its radiance.

Before starting, the practitioner carries out a personalised skin diagnosis to determine the products suited to the specific needs of your skin. The treatment can be broken down into several steps:

> Purifying Cleansing: After removing makeup and deep cleansing, the spa therapist applies a personalised Precious Elixir, a concentrate of plant oils. This step is followed by a floral enzyme and Diatomeous Earth scrub that helps oxygenate the tissues for better penetration of the active ingredients.

> Dermapuncture® Massage: these gestures are based on a set of complementary movements (energising, draining) for clear, firm skin and a radiant complexion. This Treatment alternates two types of gesture: an energetic massage of the meridian lines followed by a customised massage of the face insisting on specific areas that answer your need (dull complexion, imperfections, lack of firmness,...).

> Specific Balancing Mask: The spa therapist then applies a personalised mask before performing a massage of the trapezius and the nape for deep relaxation.

> Customised hydrating treatment: Finally, applying a hydrating face treatment helps to maximise the effects of this massage for a bright, fresh and radiant complexion.

This Treatment and Massage of the Face helps to relax the features of the face, the complexion is fresh and radiant again and stress fades away.