Balinese Flower and Fruit Massage

Balinese Flower and Fruit Massage

A real skin perfecting scrub treatment according to Balinese beauty Rituals. Enjoy the benefits of the natural active ingredients of tropical flowers and natural fruit acids (AHAs) to the full for purified and brightened skin, a smooth skin texture and a beautiful complexion.

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This "alinese Flower and Fruit Massage, is a genuine skin perfecter and cleanser thanks to the tropical Flowers and Fruits rich in amino acids and vitamins, associated with a relaxing gestural technique for total relaxation of the body and mind.

Inspired by a Bali Ritual, this treatment gives skin more radiance, deep cleansing and purification thanks to pinching and extraction of the blackheads for beautiful skin that is illuminated and immediately soft to the touch.

> This treatment starts with a Welcoming Ritual which aims to help you relax immediately using beneficial smoothing of the nape and scalp area, but also with a full diagnosis of the condition of the skin. > Depending on this diagnosis, the practitioner will choose the Precious Elixir suitable for your needs and will apply the appropriate massage for the specific areas of the face so as to offer you a personalised treatment.

> A deep and gentle cleanse of the skin will follow using the Flower Cleasing Balm, complementary to the Seeds and Flowers Exfoliant which helps to give an immediate healthy effect thanks to the combined action of the Diadiatomaceous Earth and the soft acids of the flowers.

> The practitioner then lightly sprays the Rain of Flowers which eliminates the last impurities and gives a tonifying sensation thanks to the Hibiscus and Freesia extracts.

> Then comes the application of [Pre+Pro]Biotic Essence, a serum-in-water that thins the skin of a probiotic & prebiotic complex to reinforce the skin barrier and boost the skin's defenses.

> The practitioner then puts on a customised mask depending on your needs: KAOLIN AND FLOWERS MASK, a purifying mask or the Intensive Hammam Cream as a lipid rich mask and performs a massage of the trapezius and nape of the neck for instant relaxation.

This beauty and relaxation treatment is Cinq Monde’s first Face treatment experience where a full diagnosis will be carried out to establish a year round beauty program.

The Balinese Flower and Fruit Massage, deeply replenishes. The stresses of the body disappear and the facial features appear rested. The complexion is fresh and radiant again!


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Cinq Mondes’ philosophy is based on the conviction that the skin is our vital sensory organ.

Combining technical expertise, result and absolute relaxation, Cinq Mondes’ treatment protocols use an exclusive manual technique of needle-free acupuncture: Dermapuncture®.

Developed in partnership with international scientists, specialists of time-honored practices such as Ayurveda and Shiatsu, Dermapuncture® stimulates and balances the body’s energy flows thanks to the expert hands of the brand’s practitioners..

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